Stacy Chin, Ph.D.

Chemist. Entrepreneur. Innovator.

Chemist || Innovator

A passion for research and a deeply-engrained entrepreneurial spirit drive Dr. Chin’s innovative endeavors. Her start-up, HydroGlyde Coatings, where she serves as CEO and Co-Founder, was born out of a mission to deliver biomedical solutions to improve global public health. Supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and National Institute of Health, HydroGlyde Coatings’ innovative solution will disrupt the 70-year stagnation in the condom industry. 

Dr. Chin applies her polymer chemistry background to overcome biomedical challenges to drive dynamic solutions. This naturally led to an increased focus on product and business development in the start-up space, as well as with securing patents and grant funding. Dr. Chin now lends her expertise to others pioneering their way through the science tech and entrepreneurship intersection as a mentor, NIH SBIR reviewer and TEDx speaker.